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So firstly I want to sincerely apologize for the lack of content of post on this website lately…college had been extra crazy which curtailed my ability to keep up with the latest goings on in the GAA world. It’s hard to believe we have reached the playoff stages of the National Hurling League..who would’ve thought Kilkenny would be fighting relegation..only a year ago they were crowned league champions! I somehow doubt Brian Cody will be too worried, with the heat of the championship looming, he will a full strength squad to chose from. Massive congrats to Ballyhale Shamrocks on their recent All Ireland win, a fantastic achievement. Incredibly, it’s a 13th All Ireland medal of Henry Shefflin…what an icon! The big question will be whether he will continue at inter-county or not…if he does it will be good boost to Kilkenny, but no one can blame him for going out on a high of being a double All Ireland champion.

Cork and Tipperary are flying high at the moment and are looking strong for the championship.. however you’d have to say the likes of Limerick and Waterford will be strong contenders in Munster too.. and then there is Clare…It’s fair to say that the start of 2015 has not been easy for the 2013 All Ireland champions. Rumors of unrest in the camp, 3 brilliant young hurlers pulling out, a pretty dismal league and the fear of relegation looming over their heads, it hasn’t been easy. It’s hard to comprehend that they have won ONE MATCH since …. for  a team that had talent in abundance it is a real shame..Dublin, Wexford and Galway could be good bets in the Leinster championship and will make sure the Cats don’t have an easy ride..

Congress 2015 threw up interesting changes to the hurling scene …the one on one penalties will come in at the end of April (on a side note…would it have been a better idea they try it out in the league…it might cause havoc in the championship when a lot is at stake..) The advantage rule has been changed to say the referee must let 5 seconds of play develop before making a call …again interesting to see if this might encourage more free flowing games…

So what to expect in the coming weeks. well at the moment I am studying for exams…however I will make an effort of have at least  ONE post a week up …after the exams then I will go back to my usual twice a week format.. I am going to be doing a rather special one on Monday that I think you will all enjoy so stay tuned for that one….I will also have one Friday which will be either be a preview of the weekend or  something else….I’ll leave that as a surprise! Anyways check out my older posts if you have not already and like this on facebook or retweet on Twitter

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